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Project "reserve" Malha

Posted by on January Ofer Lowenstein 11, 2020
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Introducing new Malha neighborhood:

Private villasOUT Penthouses on one level IN

Project 'reserve' of adherent Brothers Malha neighborhood is underway!

40 Exclusive penthouses, oversized, On one level.

Project construction permit was received

Private villasOUT Penthouses on one level IN . Year 2020 Is here and with it several new trends in real estate in Jerusalem. One of the major trends evolving recently received acceleration occurs in the prestigious Malha. Malha, Located in prime Loksiin City West, Over the years marked by the construction of private villas invested girls 3-4 Floors with large gardens. With the start of the new decade neighborhood begins to change direction and will huge villa, Taking up an increasing demand for large penthouses spread over one level. Who is leading the growing trend and refreshing change, This project is a 'reserve' of Achim Hasid company, specializing in development projects in Jerusalem luxury. Project 'reserve' is the first new project built in Malcha, After many years without a new building in the desirable neighborhood.

In recent years, Jerusalemites are increasingly leaving their villas and two-family Fklsim favor of wide flats on one level, in accordance with the Order of contemporary modern real estate industry.

Penthouse on one level many benefits, It enables a unique living experience with open spaces in most parts of the apartment, Which gives a great sense region and an effective and proper planning is much more flat, Depending on the purpose of the tenant. In addition, Penthouse on one level apartment utilizes space more efficiently, since the steps starred villas and co-Flksim so far and played a not insignificant component of apartment, Gave way to an open space and a lot more useful for tenants. same as- Penthouse on one level also safer for children and facilitates significantly the quality of life of the elderly population also finds it difficult to walk up and down the stairs in the house many times during the day.

Project 'reserve' of adherent Brothers Malha neighborhood , Offers 40 Premium Penthouses , Especially large spread over 165-204 Sqm on one level with large terraces and gardens, in addition to some of them also girls 60-70 Mr. Penthouses spectators panoramic and breathtaking green, Overlooking the front of the Biblical Zoo. All penthouses are based on a concept of smart home and have a rich and luxurious specification specifically includes luxurious and innovative cuisine, Luxury flooring, Under-floor heating heating, Air conditioning, Extra-wide aperture balcony ( 10 Meters) and more. In addition, Available to purchasers of the penthouses unique benefit - tight interior designer, Accompany the home design process according to the requirements and needs of tenants, No charge. The changes they want to make the apartment tenants after purchase , There will be no additional charge.

Just before the introduction of 2020 Project construction permit has been obtained, the reserve and the date of occupancy is expected in about two years and a half.

Dan Shoshani - PR Hasid Brothers 052-3608508

Malha Reserve Project.

Spacious penthouses on one level grows 163-204 Mr. Exclusive Marketing: RE / MAX Real Estate Shiraz. 02-6744744

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